Daily Speed Drills for Novice Typists
A self-shuffling exercise page for typing the most common letter combinations in English

©2006 by Mitchell Howe. All rights reserved. Modifications for personal use are permitted and encouraged. Commercial use without written permission of the author is prohibited.

This page is for: Touch typists new to a particular keyboard layout. Maybe you know where the keys are without looking, but you're painfully slow. This page will help get you up to useful speeds quickly by going after the low-hanging fruit: the most common letter combinations in the English language. (Not coincidentally, if you are using an intelligent layout like Dvorak, these will also be some of the easiest combinations to type!)

This page changes with every visit. Every time you press "refresh", the content will change. Sequences are randomly chosen from a master bank. Those chosen stay with the page through the review sections. By the time you finish a page, you will have hopefully moved some of these into your fingers' "muscle memory", speeding things up greatly.

This is a low-tech page. In the style of Dan Wood's "ABCD: A Basic Course in Dvorak", this page assumes that you already know which fingers you should use on which keys, and that you are self-motivated. The text-entry boxes are simply provided as a convenience. They do not include any typo-checkers or WPM calculators.

This page is portable and customizable. A "save page as" will get you a single file that should run off-line, as all the JavaScript is included in the page source. With a little effort, you will see that you can tweak the settings for your convenience. (See my Pocket PC version for example.

Go ahead and get started!

That's all for now!

Bookmark this page and come back tomorrow -- or press 'refresh' if your fingers will let you go another round.